Thank you 2015

Another year of wonderful writing and connecting.  We have had so many wonderfully creative posts displaying our individual skills and learning.  We have demonstrated exemplary commenting skills and given and received thoughtful feedback from each other and from students and teachers around the world.

Our blogging is an opportunity to demonstrate and record our learning and create a lasting record. I look forward to 2016 adventures and farewell or Year 6 students hoping they can apply the skills they learned and demonstrated here throughout their later endeavours.


Notice to Year 6 Students

Dear Year 6 students and parents,

If you look back at your personal blog, you will find a wonderful story.  You will read about great things that happened and many things you learned.  You will see how you have changed even in the short span of a year or two.   I would hope that many of you would like to keep this record as you progress to High school.  You may find opportunities to continue blogging throughout High school as well and I hope you see purpose in that.  Your blog is your positive digital footprint.

Our school cannot continue to manage your blog once you leave.  Up till now we have been monitoring content and comments for you.  We believe you now have the understandings and skills to take this on yourselves (with the assistance and knowledge of your parents).  There is a way you can take your posts and comment with you and that is by ‘Exporting’ your content to another blog which you and your parents take ownership of.   Once the content is imported to another blog you can continue to use it as you have been.

WordPress is the easiest option as it looks and feels the same as your Global2 blog.  The details are here.  

You could also turn your blog into an eBook.  Read the instructions here.  This makes a PDF of your posts but is not pretty.

If you use WordPress and are under 13, you will need to get your parent to create an account for you.  You may consider transferring to a ‘Blogger’ blog but once again that requires parental assistance for Under 13 year olds. I would encourage you to have a go and see how it transfers as soon as possible.  I do not know how well the widgets etc transfer but would love to hear your feedback.   All Year 6 blogs will be archived and unavailable in late December 2015 and exporting will no longer be possible after that.


Please help (again)

Join Our Team Hi All,

I have another favour to ask.  There is a group of new bloggers who are a bit younger than you and they would really love some feedback from experienced bloggers like you 😉

They are doing the Student blogging challenge like you did earlier this year.

Could you spend some time and find a few to share some comments with please?   Their class blog is linked below and their student blogs are in the sidebar widget.

Capture bede


  •  a good comment is Kind, Specific and Helpful 
  • leave a link back to your blog so they can see your great work and maybe comment as well



Mrs C

Image Craig Taylor via Compfight

Brilliant commenting skills

It is a teacher’s delight when they see evidence of the things they have been teaching in student work.  I was recently approving comments on your blogs.  Comments that you have written to each other.   

On the whole, they were wonderful.  They were reflective, affirming, positive and specific.  They were also well written, using correct punctuation and formal academic style speech.

Great work and remember that comments and feedback is best when it is :









Plagiarism (Please look it up)

Whilst, there are many wonderfully unique and creative posts being published, it seems that we need to be reminded that our blogs need to be our own writing. It is NOT acceptable to go to another site, read and then copy and paste the material on to our own posts.

If we use information this way, it is like stealing as you are pretending it is your own and not giving any credit to the person who wrote it. This applies to words and pictures.     Blogging at school is where we learn and model our positive digital citizenship skills.


Why Use Creative Commons Items? Enokson via Compfight


Hi everyone,

There have been some wonderful posts on your blogs.  Please don’t forget to comment on other blogs as we all love to know  that someone read our posts and took the time to respond.    Of course, I know you will all practise your wonderful commenting skills!!


Recent posts

It is great to see our student blogs being used for so many purposes. Amongst the many post published recently we have had :

These are just a few.  Make sure you visit other blogs and leave great comments !!

James received a comment from New Zealand. His reader did not know where Sovereign Hill was.  So James will have to edit his post with a bit more information and reply to the comment!

Getting to know Arduino

Message from our mentor:
Don’t worry if you don’t understand something as I will go through with them about these basic topics when I come to the school next time. I can understand, this could be very daunting task at the start, but I’m sure most of the students will like it once they get the basics. Please ask them to take as much time as they need to go through these videos as it shows basics about Arduino hardware, software and IDE platform.