Research tool – InstaGrok

There are so many online tools that can help us find information and sort it.  Here is one that could help you with your upcoming PLT’s .   It presents the answers to a keyword search in a diagram and helps by providing other words around your topic.  There are also quizzes around the topic you search and you can choose the level of difficulty.

Here is a sample :

renewable energy | Learn about renewable energy on instaGrok,
the research engine:


To access this and try out the features:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login or Create User
  3. Click Login with Gmail (Use your school email address)
  4. Accept

Once in the program, you can select your own search term and see what happens.  There are lots of things you can edit.

Let me know in the comments how it goes and how you think this tool might be used by students and teachers




2 thoughts on “Research tool – InstaGrok

  1. When I tried Instagrok I was stunned on how good it is. Why is it good? you ask, it’s good because it has amazing information, it has key facts, websites, videos, images, concepts and notes, plus if you’re not happy you can edit it, so that’s why I think Instagrok is good.

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