Who am I ?

The first challenge included a suggestion to write an Alphabet paragraph as an About Me page. Who do you think wrote this ? Someone in your school !

I am athletic and beautiful! I do not like cats but I do like dogs. One of my favourite foods to eat is fish and chips. I like gymnastics. One of my hobbies is eating ice-cream and when I get excited I jump up and down. I am kind and like maths.  I am neat and optimistic. I like to paint. I am quiet sometimes but I can also be really loud and super crazy. I once tried to undertake surfing and now I find it very fun and I love the waves. I have never tried playing the xylophone but I wish I could. My third favourite colour is yellow and my third favourite animal is a zebra.

If you work it out , leave a comment on the post and maybe write one of your own on your blog!

Also, have a look at the comments the author has already received ! A teacher in NZ is using it as an example for her students!

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